About Us

We want all of our visitors to feel like they're special. We want their ears to perk up when they see our well-equipped salon. We want them to be as excited for a visit with us as for a visit to the park. We want to be your dog's home away from home.

We are proud to provide the only hydrotherapy services for dogs in Cairns. Whether it's to soothe the effects of arthritis or add a little comfort after surgery, we've got a flotation tank and custom-made flotation devices to put your pup at ease.

In addition to our speciality services, we also offer a dedicated grooming service to make your prized pet shine like a star.

Let us put a smile on you and your pet's dial.

Come in and visit us today!

meet the team

At Pupstars Daycare and Grooming, we're more than a team; we're a family. A family that adores everything to do with pets. Our team consists of our managing director, Rachel Popp, a trio of talented groomers and a gaggle of friendly daycare attendants. Get to know the crew below before you and your pup become a part of our family too.

Rachel (Owner/Managing Director)

Rachel has been a lifelong animal lover, channelling her passion into Pupstars since 2008. Aside from managing the business side of Pupstars, Rachel likes to be hands on with doing everything from grooming dogs to training dogs, anything she can to get more of those puppy hugs. A qualified vet nurse with 15 years vet clinic experience, Rachel loves the unconditional love she receives from all of her furry visitors and is looking forward to meeting the smallest member of your family.

Sarah (Groomer)

Sarah has been with Pupstars right from the very start and after taking some time out to have her twin boys, Harvey and Louis, we were very happy to get her back as a groomer in late 2016. Sarah brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience from her career in the animal care industry. Sarah also has a wealth of love and care for all animals including her German Shepherd, Karma.

Kumiko (Groomer)

Kumiko has been bringing her love for dog cuddles to Pupstars since 2010. She loves grooming and seeing a puppy transform under her guidance. The happy smiles on owners' faces after they see their stylish pup ain't bad either. Kumiko has 2 dogs, a Golden Retriever called Red, and Pug X Jack Russell, called Pepsi.

Makiko (Groomer)

Makiko is one of our most enthusiastic groomers. She is a mother of 2 beautiful children, Sasha and Lucas. She also owns a Cavalier King Charles X, Patch.

Adrian (Daycare Attendant)

Adrian has boundless amounts of energy (which helps when working with excited puppies all day) and it's not uncommon to catch him playing ball with the dogs or even having a bit of a song and dance. Adrian came to Pupstars in 2014 and has been bringing a smile to human and dog faces ever since.

Chanika (Daycare Attendant)

Chanika began working at Pupstars in 2015 after completing school work experience with us and casting such a big impression that we knew we had to hire her!

All of the dogs adore Chanika and look forward to her arrival in the afternoons.

When she is not working and hanging out with the dogs at Pupstars, Chanika enjoys participating in Army Cadets, walking her neighbour's dog, Jackson, and spending time with her friends.

Chanika is aspiring to work all around the world with all types of animals in her future careers. When she completes her schooling in 2015, she plans on completing a Certificate 2 in Animal Studies, then studying Zoology and Ecology at James Cook University.

Toni (Daycare Attendant)

Toni began volunteering at Pupstars in late 2016 in an effort to complete an Animal Care Course. She has shown a very keen interest in becoming a dog groomer and we certainly have enjoyed her positive attitude, work ethic and smile! Although she has completed her requirements for her coursework, we have been fortunate enough that she has been able to juggle her other work commitments, to still be able to work for us on Fridays. Toni has a Labrador names Kewpie who loves being able to come to Pupstars with his mum!

Mardi (Daycare Attendant)

Mardi began working at Pupstars in February 2017 when we went chasing a year 12 student at Smithfield High School that would be willing to work for us before and after school. We got very lucky to get Mardi! Not only is she currently completing an Animal Studies course through her school curriculum, she has also shown a real love for the dogs, and the job. Mardi continues to show a maturity and a level of responsibility well beyond her years. We hope that Pupstars can be a step in the right direction for whatever career Mardi decides to take on after she completes her schooling.

Ashton (Daycare Attendant)

Ashton works at Pupstars twice a week helping out with the daycare dogs, taking them for walks, cleaning up after them and giving them their baths. The thing Ashton likes most about working at Pupstars is being able to play with the dogs. In Ashton's spare time he does rhee tae kwon do and gym work. Ashton has 5 pets, 2 dogs called Ted and P-nut and 3 cats named Harry, Charlie and Benson.

Jess (Daycare Attendant)

Jess loves working with dogs and kids, sharing her workload between both doggy and human daycares! She enjoys teaching music and spending time with her dog Cody and cat Leia.

48 Hartley Street , Portsmith , QLD 4870