Doggy Daycare

Our daycare services are the perfect place for pups that might get a bit anxious when left alone, or for pups that just love making new friends.

Pupstars Doggy Daycare is well-equipped for dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments, we have large separated areas that are supervised all day. We place your pup together with dogs of similar personalities to put them at ease.
We ensure that the dogs are never bored with toys, enrichment, regular walks as well as doggy playtime and interaction with our friendly and loving daycare attendants.

It's a perfect option for those puppy parents that can't bear to leave their pooch home alone. Pupstars Daycare provides dogs with the social interaction needed for positive development.

For a small extra fee, we can include a bath and grooming in your dogs day.

If your pup loves having fun in an encouraging environment then bring them down to Pupstars Daycare and Grooming.